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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

DOH report: 3 new AIDS cases bring total to 776

First posted 09:40:32 (Mla time) November 26, 2007

MANILA, Philippines -- Department of Health data on AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) cases in the Philippines showed three new cases reported in the month of September.

The DOH report said this brought the number of known AIDS cases in the country to 776, up slightly from 770 in August.

According to the data, 25 people were reported to be HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) positive in September and three progressed to AIDS (or stage 4 of the HIV infection). All three were male.

Also, of the 25 found positive with the HIV virus in September, 92 percent were men and 2 percent were women. Six of the 25 were overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

AIDS data in the Philippines gathered since 1984 showed patients are predominantly male, representing 66 percent of 2,965 patients found to be HIV-positive to date.

More than half of those found to be HIV positive, or 58 percent, are in the 25-39 age group.

The DOH data also showed that sexual transmission was still the main mode of transmission of the deadly disease in the country. Of the 25 HIV-positive patients in September, 24 reported getting the virus through sexual contact.

Since 1984, 2,595 of the 2,965 HIV-positive patients got the AIDS virus via sexual transmission. Beverly T. Natividad