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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Congrats Frankie!

Last Tuesday, November 13, 2007, Frank Cimatu of PDI-North Luzon and one of the media advocates working under the UNFPA 6th Country Programme informed me, through a text message, that he won under PLCPD's 2007 PopDev Media Awards with his article re: Ifugao's RH Code, posted in The article was SEX, LAWS and VIDEO NIGHTS.

Getting the good news felt great, I was truly happy for him! For a moment then, I remembered feeling sad that none of the media advocates working under the 6th CP won last year. Texting him with my "congratulatory" message, his reply caught me off guard, in a good way, and made me feel even better. =)

To you Frankie, Thank You, Congrats (again!) and More Power!!!


frank cimatu said...

bibigyan nga ako ng two-minute talk pa. ano ba iyan? oscar?

PhilMADE said...

hahaha... ayos yun. I guess they are also glad that a media advocate working under the UNFPA Programme won. Keep it up! =)Really, I am so glad you won.