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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Sulu Experience...

My first stop was Patikul. The town I’ve always heard about in the news. We joined the Seventh Day Prayer but we never got to that part. We all just sat at the table and who could blame us?

The doctors and RHU employees had their hands full. They were treating children from common colds and cough but a few weeks after I left, they were treating the wounded. There was a military assault on suspected Abusayaf in Indanan and Ed General informed us that there were civilians caught in the crossfire…

I met local officials, young leaders, NGO colleagues and our hard working media team. All are doing their part to help Sulu… Tanks rolled the streets and my escorts were heavily armed… it was a strange feeling when you’re used to riding a tricycle or habal-habal when monitoring.

Photos by: Ed General and Chi Laigo Vallido

Information shared by: Chi Laigo Vallido