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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

LINK: Partnerships for Better Lives

LINK is a newsletter that we, provincial media practitioners developed and published through the assistance of the Philippine NGO Council on Population, Health and Welfare, Inc. (PNGOC), an umbrella organization of 95 NGOs working all over the Philippines. Through their support and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), we will regularly come out with this publication that shows the realities our “kababayans” face in their day to day lives. We come from the poorest provinces of the country and as we document and report about the various issues that our provinces face, we took it upon ourselves to come together and be part of the solution. While our stories highlight health and development issues, it also reflects the many triumphs of people in trying to overcome the odds. It is our hope that through our stories in LINK, we will be able to draw your support in helping us address our provinces’ many concerns.
We are here to work with you.


ZYMM: 100% Pidjanga said...

I've finished reading your LINK Russ, cover to cover. Great. You will have a wider readership if you can publish the articles here. Hope you don't have any permission problems. Just ensure attribution to writers and publishers (PNGOC nama lahat diba!). Will email you separetly about my other suggestions for LINK. Kulitize me. Z

PhilMADE said...

hey p/z! Thanks. WIll send you the first version and another copy of the one I gave you. Actually, sina Joyce napadalhan ko na. Yung sayo, naka-pack na din, nag-absent yung msgr eh, nauna ipadala yung kina joyce. Will send the same set of IECs to Van and Ginney. 3rd issue, Bohol Media Team ang nag-aayos. Dapat u-upload namin yung second issue sa website, nawala ang CD nung master copy. tsk tsk.

PhilMADE said...

email mo na suggestion mo... kinukulit na kita... hehehe.. and coffee? No probs. Pagbalik ko. My treat, sama natin sina Joyce. Sabi nga niya parang aliw din siya sa newsletter, isip daw siay project... ayos!