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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The PDA Theme Song and the PDS MTV revived!

Below is a post originally published in this blog about two (2) years ago. It was presented at the UNFPA Christmas party. PDA or the Pinoy Dream Academy Season I of ABS CBN just wrapped up back then and needless to state, I was a fan of the show and of the winner Yeng Constantino. One of the challenges presented to them was to come up with their own composition of a song that could serve as PDA's theme. Yeng's song was the winner.

Hearing its lyrics one day made me realize that it can be very well suited for advocacy as it generally speaks of differences between people and their belief system. But in the end everyone simply want to reach their goals... achieve their dreams. It talks about never giving up, believing in yourself and showing the world that you can make it... that it can be done!!!

Ding ding ding!!! Sounds like a great song for the passage of the RH Bill!

And so, when we were asked to prepare a presentation for UNFPA's Christmas party, I informed Paolo, the project assistant I worked with at that time, of the idea and work on getting specific photos I listed to match the words in the song. Also, I did little tweaks in the lyrics as we sang the song to suit our advocacy. We rehearsed the song at POPCOM hours before the party. I remember Yela of POPCOM being so supportive and "game" while rehearsing the song.

I am re-publishing the post given its timeliness, as PDA Season II recently ended and this theme was repeatedly played over the show and heard on TV and more importantly to emphasize the fact that this was something we did two (2) years ago. And up to now, the bill continues to be adamantly opposed by the Church, with support from GMA.

The possibility that we might fail should not deter us from fighting for the cause we believe to be just.

And the fight lives on...
The PDS Academy

Watch the MTV we did, using the Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) theme as music...

The PDS (Population Development Strategies) Advocacy Cluster namely, POPCOM-PMO, PNGOC, PLCPD, ECOP and FORUM presented this MTV during the UNFPA party last December 15, 2006 held at J.V. Del Rosario Ballroom, 4th Floor, AIM Conference Center, Legaspi Village, Makati City...

Guided by its lyrics, Paolo and I chose pictures to match the song...

This was the way we sang the song... (we changed some of it to suit our advocacy: read below)

Watch the MTV and sing with it... =)

and to Paolo, special thanks for the effects and the logo of "PDS Academy" in the MTV...


Ang bawa't tao'y magkakaiba
Iyong makikita

Iba't Ibang istorya... Iba't Ibang paniniwala

Ngunit... Nagsisikap
Para sa Pangarap
pawis binubuno

Nagbabago... Ganyan ang tao...
Itanim sa puso dahil.....


Nais nating marating
Di kami titigil
papatunayan sa buong mundo
Kayang kaya natin to...
Di kami susuko...


Nag-iisang damdamin
ang ating aawitin
ihahayag ating mithiin

Itatayong Bandila, ng "adbokasiya"
Pilipino taas ang kamay, umawit ka at...

Ika'y magsikap...
Para sa pangarap...

Pawis Ibuno...

Ika'y matuto
Ganyan ang tao...

Itanim sa puso dahil....


Nais nating marating
Di kami titigil
Sisigaw sa buong mundo
Kayang kaya natin to...
Di kami susuko...


Nakikinig ka ba?

Imulat mo ang inyong mga mata
"Dinggin ang sigaw ng aming damdamin..."
"Ito ang aming hangarin…."