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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Belmonte OKs new QC population policy

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 / Philippine Star

Quezon City Mayor Feliciano Belmonte Jr. announced yesterday that he has approved a controversial ordinance that sets the city’s population and reproductive health policy.

“The final choice on (the size of) their family is for couples. The government just provides guides and the necessary support,” Belmonte told city hall employees during yesterday’s flag-raising ceremony.

Council Majority Leader Ariel Inton said the proposed ordinance was approved by the city council after a series of consultations, including meetings with church officials, who initially opposed the measure.

He said the ordinance “provides no penal provision but will guarantee access to safe, affordable and quality reproductive health care” and relevant information.

Under the new ordinance, the city government shall promote natural and artificial methods of family planning and provide couples and individuals access to relevant information and resources to enable them to make sound and responsible family planning decisions.

The new measure also provides mandatory training of city health workers and barangay officials on delivering the family planning services. – Perseus Echeminada


Lester Cavestany said...

This is decentralization at its best! Congratulations to Mayor Belmonte and the Quezon City council for making a stand against the current imposition on religious teachings in the national policy program of the Arroyo administration. Even the money that was allocated in the national budget for contraceptives has not been touched by the Department of Health.

Maybe DOH can just give that money to QC!

PhilMADE said...

Thanks lester for "blogging by" I visited your blog, nice site. I'm glad you subscribe to the advocacy on RH, Gender and Population Management issues. More power! Keep on blogging!