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Monday, February 11, 2008

Day II: Senate Hearing with Jun Lozada, et. al

The PNP's testimony at the Senate hearing today was nothing short of a cover-up to what they really did and what they were "instructed" to do. Their demeanor tells it all. They were stammering, they can't look at the senators' straight up, they cannot answer the questions directly. And obviously, their lies are catching up with them. At this point it bears stressing that Lozada stand to gain NOTHING from this ordeal. As he said, "hindi ko naman po ito laban eh. Kaya nga ayaw kong mapunta dito....".

On the other hand, the Senators, who are pro-administration, are undeniably bent on destroying his credibility, but to NO AVAIL. They all looked desperate and to me, were outright defeated by Lozada's honesty and candor. In fact, Sen. Joker Arroyo's tactic on discussing good faith and bad faith blew up on his face when Lozada bravely informed the body that he also talked to the Senator's wife, a comment he said in response to Sen. Arroyo's innuendoes that he only talks to one side of the fence - those opposed to the government. Sen. Enrile's railroad kind of questioning also failed to scare and stump Lozada. And Sen. Santiago's comment before the media that she sees no value in this hearings as they are simply geared towards the 2010 elections is just so irritating and disgusting. WE WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH Mirriam, at least most of us Filipinos still care for this country. No matter how much you downplay the whole thing, this whole testimony is vital to the FILIPINO People and would spell the fate of this country in the coming days.


Anonymous said...

you are absolutely right! i actually regard joker arroyo all this time despite joining the admin just in time for the 2005 elections. but after watching the public hearing ii earlier, i kinda looked down on joker after he lashed on lozada for explaining that he [lozada] doesn't talk to only one side. in fact, he was even brought by a certain tony abaya to his [arroyo's] house to talk to his wife. i totaly don't understand where his rant came from. i mean, how can he be mad about it? saying "don't mess with my wife!" perhaps he didn't know about this "chat at his house" and before that bomb, he was so proud accusing lozada of his partiality or bad faith. i don't know. that, indeed, blew up on his face. he brought that to himself.

jun, keep up the good work!!! you may be a sacrificial lamb to filipinos but this will definitely pay off. you'll be in my prayers.