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Saturday, September 29, 2007

STAND UP 2007 - The UN Millenium Campaign

It's STAND UP / TUMAYO TAYO time once more in October. This time, there's a twist. The campaign this year is STAND UP / SPEAK OUT, not only a mobilization of warm bodies for another Guinness Book World Record-setting, but also as part of a year-long advocacy campaign on four UN Priority Issues:

** MDGs least likely to be attained - MDG 1 (extreme poverty and hunger), 2 (achieving universal primary education), 5 (reducing maternal mortality, including the target on 100% access to RH by 2015) and 7 (ensuring environmental stability)
** Population Management
** Peace and Development (especially in Mindanao)
** Human Rights

In this context, the TUMAYO TAYO event serves as the kick-off or launch event for the longer term advocacy campaign. The time span for the STAND UP moments for the Guinness Record will take place starting 5 am, 17 October to 5 am, 18 October (Philippine Time). However, we will just put in all our mobilizations and STAND UP moments from 5 am, to 9 pm on October 17.

The different UN agencies in the Advocacy TWG (chaired by UNFPA's Country Representative Ms. Suneeta Mukherjee) are still crafting the details of the Central Event on October 17, but thus far, these are the outputs that are expected of us all:

1. The largest number we can mobilize on October 17;
2. Most important are the follow through outputs and activities from ourselves and our partners on the ground. These include:

-- Law, ordinances, resolutions related to the MDGs, or the other priority issues mentioned above passed by our LGU partners;
-- Budgetary allocations on the same;
-- Formation of networks of various stakeholders at our respective levels, which will carry on the advocacy work beyond October 15 ;

Like last year, let's ensure a repeat of UNFPA's and partners' active participation. We were one of the most creative, most active backbones of the TUMAYO TAYO campaign in 2006. Thank You very much!

From: Dino Subingsubing, UNFPA Information Officer