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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Coffee Break

Finally, on the last day of their training, I was able to meet the media advocates from SULTAN KUDARAT. The bad weather, especially in the evening, always got in the way. So, I made it a point to meet with Gina, Gary and Allan (with the others still there) earlier today as their flight was scheduled after lunch. It was a mid-morning coffee break at --- where else? Starbucks.

I have always enjoyed a tall, sometimes even a grande and occasionally a venti Mocha Frappuccino alone, in a corner inside Starbucks, where a stool and better yet, a sofa or chair was available. When I need some quiet time to recharge my body, rejuvenate my senses or a place to write my thoughts, even some downtime after a stressful day, me and my mocha frap in one corner of that coffee shop was enough. It was and still is, as those close to me would know, my comfort zone. Every sip of that frappuccino gives me reason to believe that indeed, there is something good in life. A little weird? Maybe. =)

However, being there and sharing that moment with these people around made it somewhat more delightful. The frap tasted more flavorful, the place more comfortable, even the cold weather paled in contrast to the warmth surrounding us. And then it hit me. Their presence simply made everything "richer". Hmmmmn. Definitely another starbucks memory to keep.