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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Independence Day

Today is supposed to be a holiday but in order for families to have an extended weekend, PGMA declared June 11 as the holiday and today, June 12 is also the opening of classes in various private schools . So, expect the traffic to be more stressful. =)

Anyways, coinciding with this siginificant day, The Philippines' Independence Day, a new blog was launched by - Being Filipino. is encouraging Filipinos in different countries to e-mail photos and videos of Independence Day celebrations in their corner of the world. The videos will be posted in the iVDO online video service that has launched in partnership with Yahoo! apart from being embedded on the Being Filipino blog. This is part of's thrust of helping Filipino communities reach out to a global audience.

It is good to know that initiatives such as this are actually undertaken by media outfits in order to reach out to as many Filipinos it possibly could. By maximizing all medium there is, Filipinos from all over the country and across the world reconnect with each other through blogging. This helps foster love of country and rekindles a sense of nationalism to every Filipino. I do believe that most of our kababayans out there, no matter how successful they have become, would always have a special place in their hearts for this country. After all, there's no place like home.

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