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Friday, November 24, 2006

MDG album wins the Catholic Mass Media Awards!!!

It may be seen as a thawing of the cold war between the Catholic Church and the advocates for reproductive health. The Catholic Mass Media Award (CMMA) for best music television (MTV) went to "Tayo, Tayo Rin" from "Tayo, Tayo Rin sa 2015: the MDG (Millennium Development Goals) Album" which advocates responsible parenthood and gender equality, among others. The carrier single, "Tayo, Tayo Rin (No One Else But Us)" is the country's version of Live Aid's "Don't You Know It's Christmas" and "We Are The World" with singers like Gary Valenciano, Janno Gibbs, Jaya, Joey Ayala, Joey G. of Side A Band, Julia Abueva, Kitchie Nadal,Kuh Ledesma, Lea Salonga, Martin Nievera, Pops Fernandez, SarahGeronimo, Sharon Cuneta, Aiza Seguerra, APO Hiking Society, Bayang Barrios, Christian Bautista, Freddie Aguilar, Ai-Ai delas Alas and theRivermaya Band doing cameos for free. The song, penned by Cecilia Datu with music by Rico Blanco of Rivermaya, looks at the country's dire social situation (Kung dumaraing ka / Masdan mo ang musmos/ Gusto sanang mag-aral / Ngunit nanlilimos/ Kung nagigipit ka / Masdan mo ang dalaga/ Di maabot angpangarap / Dahil babae siya (If you are complaining watch the childwho wants to go to school but is begging. If you are at a loss for money look at the woman who can't reach her goal because she's awoman) and what we can do to improve it. "Simulan na'ng magtanim ng mabubuting gawain/ Dahil sino pa'ng aani, kundi tayo – tayo rin (Start planting good deeds because who elsewould reap but all of us)," goes one of the choruses.

There are eight songs in the album to signify the eight goals that the Philippines has vowed to achieve on or before 2015, said Tess Fernandez, Program Officer for Advocacy of the United Nations Population Fund(UNFPA). The songs are copyright-free and anyone can copy or download the videos for free as long as they use it to promote the Millennium Development Goals. UNFPA Information Officer Dino Subingsubing, also a member of the album's production staff, said that he was surprised and honored by the CMMA citation. "Astig ang MDG album," Subingsubing said. Philippines is a signatory to the UN Millennium Declaration adopted during the Millennium Summit in September 2000, where it committed to pursue the attainment of eight major goals and 18 targets based on 48 indicators, as embodied in the Millennium Declaration. "For A Better Life" performed by Gary Valenciano is the album's answer to the MDG's goal to eradicate extreme povery and hunger. "Bata PaAko" sung by Julie Abueva calls for universal primary education."Babae" with Lea Salonga, Kuh Ledesma, Pops Fernandez, Sarah Geronimoand Bayang Barrios promotes gender equality and women empowerment. Sharon sung "Kung Sana'y" to help reduce child mortality. Ai Ai and Apo were in tandem for "Sa Sinapupunan Ko" to help improve maternal health. Kitchie Nadal sung "Kalinga" for the MDG goal to stop HIVAIDS, malaria and other diseases. Spy Band featuring Papa Dom sang"Tuloy Tuloy" for environmental sustainability."Alam mo ba ang nadarama ng isang iniiwasan/ Alam mo ba ang naiisip ngisang may sakit/ Mahirap isipin ang mga bagay/ Na di mo kinalalagyan,na di mo nararanasan (Do you know how it feels to be avoided. Do you know what's in the mind of an afflicted. It's hard to think of situations where you weren't been or haven't felt," sang Nadal in"Kalinga". Russel Solitario, Program Manager of the Philippine NGO Council for Population, Health and Welfare said that four (4) of the eight (8) MDGs are directly related to reproductive health, which is anathema to some Catholic groups."To improve maternal health and reduce maternal mortality by ¾ means increase access to RH services including the provision of safe modern methods of family planning gradually from 80 percent in 2010 to 100percent in 2015," Solitario said. To combat the spread of HIV and AIDS, practice ABC -Abstinence, Being faithful and consistent and correct use of Condoms.

Article written by: FRANK CIMATU, PDI-Northern Luzon